Monthly Archives: November 2013

Winter’s Here!

Looks like Winter is here with a vengeance! Hopefully the snow will stay away from London for a little while yet. Being a big cricket fan it was very sad to see the great Sachin Tendulkar retire on Saturday but he has had an amazing career and maybe it’s time to let the younger players show what they are made of.
Those of you who need to submit self assessment returns and want any outstanding tax to be included in their tax codes need to file by 31 December 2013 otherwise you will have to pay any outstanding tax by the 31 January 2014. Here at Khushkam we are happy to assist with preparing and submitting tax returns so please get in contact if you need to file one and don’t know what expenses are allowed to be claimed and which are not.
A reminder to those families in receipt of child benefit and where one partner earns in excess of £50,000, that they will need to submit a tax return and if they have not registered yet, to do so as soon as possible. We can assist with the registration process if people are not sure of what to do.
Finally, Khushkam has a new app which is available for both Apple and android devices. It give instant information on tax rates, key dates in the tax calendar and has some very useful calculators such as Mortgage and loan, company car benefit and salary.